Authorised Shell Marine Lubricants Distributor in

South Africa


Welcome to Castlehill Trading 467 cc, the authorised Shell Marine Lubricants Distributor in South Africa. We are a proud supplier of Shell Marine Lubricants, with a focus on Customer Service, Dependability & Integrity.

Quality Shell Products

Castlehill Trading 467 cc has a vast range of Shell Marine Lubricants for all your shipping needs.

In many cases, pressure to reduce operating costs is coinciding with increasing demands on engine oils. You need your oil to perform under tougher conditions and to help reduce costs. Shell Argina oils are designed to cope with differing aspects of oils stress and have proven performance that can help to cut costs, increase reliability and, ultimately, give you greater peace of mind.

Shell Alexia 50 is Shell’s main grade cylinder oil for the majority of engines using heavy fuel oil. Millions of running hours have seen Shell Alexia 50 deliver exceptionally clean pistons and rings. Shell Alexia S6 is a high-performance cylinder oil providing enhanced protection in the most demanding new or modified engines.

Shell Gadinia S3 is designed to help prevent liner lacquering and therefore reduce oil consumption in modern engines and it can also help to reduce operational complexity. Approved for a wide range of non-engine shipboard applications such as reduction gears, provides a single lubricant solution for smaller vessels.